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Acknowledgment: You declare that all of your information on this application is true and complete. You authorize us to verify this information through means, including consumer reporting agencies and other rental housing owners. If you fail to answer any question or give false information. we may reject the application, retain all application fees and deposits as liquidated damages for our time and expense, and terminate your right of occupancy, Giving false information is a serious criminal offense. In lawsuits relating to the application or Lease Contract, the prevailing party may recover all attorney's fees and litigation costs from the losing party. We may at any time furnish information to consumer reporting agencies and other rental housing owners regarding your performance of your legal obligations, including both favorable and unfavorable information about law compliance with the Lease Contract, the rules, and financial obligations.

This rental application and the lease contract are binding legal documents. Please read them carefully. Before submitting a Rental Application or signing a Lease Contract, you may take a copy of these documents to review and/or consult an attorney. You are entitled to a copy of the Lease Contract after it is fully signed. Applicant understands that this application for rental, if approved. becomes a part of the Lease Agreement.