Fun and Easy Ways to Lower Apartment Air Conditioning Costs this Summer

You can see it coming every year. You know you should take some steps to reduce energy costs, but you procrastinate as time goes on. Then the summer comes, you crank up the air conditioning, and those hefty bills […]
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Setting Your Home Up for Success at Work and School

Who knows what this coming year has in store, but one thing is for certain: School is starting, and it’s starting soon. By most accounts, many schools and colleges will be returning to in-person learning, but you may still […]
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9 Must-Do’s & Creative Ideas for a Festive ‘Friendsgiving 2021’

Move over Thanksgiving. There’s a new feast in town. Friendsgiving has given November a new meaning in recent years, and it’s making the holiday even better. Really, why have one Turkey Day feast when you can have two or […]
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6 Ways to Relieve Stress During the Holidays

There’s so much to love about the holidays. Fluffy snowflakes floating all around you, colorful lights on buildings nearby, music in the air. And then there are a few things you might not love so much, like the stress […]
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Living with Roommates: How to Keep the Peace

We’ve all seen the sitcoms, where the characters have one argument after another as a result of someone in the household not living up to their responsibilities. It’s funny on TV, but not so much in real life.

Dishes left unwashed, late rent payments, and loud late-night conversations are only a few of the many issues that can make your living arrangement less than harmonious.

Of course, having roommates has many benefits, including companionship and smart money management.

The key is to lay out each resident’s preferences, duties, and compromises in advance. Setting ground rules will help you establish a more positive framework.

We’re not talking anything as extensive and unbendable as Sheldon’s Roommate Agreement here, but maybe the Big Bang Theory character’s quirks can serve as inspiration — on a much smaller level. […] read more

COVID Halloween Take 2: Celebrating Safely During the Ongoing Pandemic

The wind whistles in the night. Fallen leaves make scratching sounds as they flutter along the sidewalk. The moon casts an eerie light on the world beneath it, and ghosts, scarecrows, and skeletons sway in the breeze.

Halloween is the best, isn’t it? … As long as visions of demons don’t dance in your head.

Michigan homeowners look forward to decorating their homes, trick-or-treating, and going to those haunted houses and hayrides all year long.

According to the National Retail Federation’s 2019 survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, total spending for Halloween was expected to reach $8.8 billion, with $2.7 billion of that for decorations. Among those celebrating the holiday, 49 percent planned to decorate their home or yard.

Despite COVID-related restrictions for Halloween 2020, homeowners found innovative ways […] read more

Warris Farms

Lived here for 2 years and loved it ! The only reason we left was because we relocated to Florida. I can’t say enough good things about Jackie. From the day you inquire about moving in to the day you move out she is just amazing. Only had to call maintenance once and the problem was fixed within an hour. And it seems like all the complaints on here are about late fees for rent so as long as you are a responsible adult and pay your bills on time you will love it here!

K. Fogerty

Townhomes of Caswell

The new manager has been incredibly nice and helpful to me and my family. She is on top of things, always trying to help out with the best attitude and smile. Very happy with her! Also Dan the maintenance guy is awesome!!

M. Cazares

Townhomes of Caswell

I love leaving at Townhomes of Caswell! The townhomes are beautiful and the location is great! The Property Manager always get back with us in a timely fashion. No Maintenance issue after almost 3-years leaving here. Thank you!

F. Trentecosta