Sectional Sofas vs. Separate Living Room Sets for Apartments: The Pros and Cons

Is a sectional right for your apartment? Or would a separated sofa and loveseat combo make more sense for your home? The answer depends on many factors, with your personal preference being the main one. Here are a few […]
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Renter-Friendly Ideas to Personalize Your Space

When you move into a new apartment, you have the opportunity to design a whole new space to your liking. Designing and decorating your apartment can be a lot of fun, but if you are renting your place, you […]
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7 Simple Storage Ideas for Apartments

Living in a smaller space such as an apartment may pose a challenge when it comes to storing all of your belongings. As you design and decorate your space, there are lots of different things you can do to […]
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The Sneezing Bug… Dust

Do you ever feel like the dust just keeps piling up and you don’t know how to get rid of it? We like to refer to it as the “dust bug”! When it comes to dust, we offer a […]
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Sledding Hills & More Near You: Cool Places in Michigan Where You Can Have a Blast this Winter

Technically, spring begins in March. But we live in Michigan, and that means the snow might be here until the end of April.  For those of you who love winter sports, that means you have plenty of time left to enjoy all the winter wonders that this Great Lakes state has to offer. Have you hit the slopes yet? Are you looking for a fun sledding hill for your children? You may be well aware of the big names in outdoor winter sports in Michigan, like the Boyne Mountain Resort in Charlevoix County, the Mt. Holly Ski & Snowboard Resort in Holly,  or the nearby Pine Knob Ski Resort in Clarkston. We love those spots just as much as you do! But there are man […] read more

Spring Cleaning with a Purpose: How to Clear the Clutter While Beefing Up Your Bank Account

For people who like to save money and actually enjoy cleaning (yes, they do exist … and on this planet, no less), the spring season is like a dream come true! They already know a truth that others might not realize: Spring cleaning means you can make some good money, clear the clutter, relieve stress, and protect the environment all at the same time. As you’re organizing your home this spring, remember that nearly everything can be reused, sold, or recycled. Almost everything. Think about it: 1. Clothing, shoes, handbags, and outerwear Start with the obvious: your closets and drawers. Make sure you have a few hours and take everything out of the closet. Seriously … just dump everything on the bed. Then, go through them one by one and neatly replace the items you used that week or regularly use during the month. In addition to being a smart way […] read more

Warris Farms

Lived here for 2 years and loved it ! The only reason we left was because we relocated to Florida. I can’t say enough good things about Jackie. From the day you inquire about moving in to the day you move out she is just amazing. Only had to call maintenance once and the problem was fixed within an hour. And it seems like all the complaints on here are about late fees for rent so as long as you are a responsible adult and pay your bills on time you will love it here!

K. Fogerty

Townhomes of Caswell

The new manager has been incredibly nice and helpful to me and my family. She is on top of things, always trying to help out with the best attitude and smile. Very happy with her!
Also Dan the maintenance guy is awesome!!

M. Cazares

Townhomes of Caswell

I love leaving at Townhomes of Caswell! The townhomes are beautiful and the location is great! The Property Manager always get back with us in a timely fashion. No Maintenance issue after almost 3-years leaving here. Thank you!

F. Trentecosta