12 Indoor Plants that are Perfect for Apartment Homes

Indoor plants can do much more than make your apartment home look pretty. They can also boost your mood, reduce stress levels, add soothing scents, eliminate common toxins, and enhance natural air circulation.

In addition to proper maintenance, choosing the right indoor plants is the key to sprucing up your apartment.

The following plants are known to thrive in indoor environments, so they are ideal even for residents who were not born with green thumbs.

Paddle Plant

This succulent grows best in bright light, so keep it beside a window. Water it whenever the top 2 inches are completely dry, which is about every two weeks.


This low-maintenance plant is great for beginners. It can be placed in bright, indirect light or in low light. It can be grown in dry soil or in vases of water, and it tends to do well in nearly any kind of soil. Water it about every 10 days or when the top one or two inches feel dry.

Chinese Evergreen

You can water a Chinese evergreen regularly or once every few weeks. Either way tends to work for this low-maintenance indoor plant. It prefers medium to low light, making it perfect for dimly lit rooms.

Jade Plant

Considered a symbol of good luck, a jade plant does need to be watered regularly. Do not let it dry out completely between waterings. It must be placed in an area with an abundance of natural light.

Asparagus Fern

An asparagus fern is thorny, so wear gloves when taking care of it. Watering this plant entails misting the stems daily. You can place it in a sunny or shady area.


A yucca plant prefers bright, indirect light and sandy soil. It shouldn’t stagnate in damp soil for long periods of time, so make sure the pot has proper drainage. Water it once a week.

Peace Lily

A peace lily prefers low to bright, indirect sunlight and humidity, making it ideal for corners in darker rooms. It can be grown in a vase, as long as it is suspended or floated near the top of the water. If you choose to grow it in soil, water it once a week.


Aloe plants not only beautify homes with an exotic look, but they can also serve medicinal purposes. An aloe plant needs bright sunlight and lots of water, but make sure the soil dries out before you water it again.

String of Pearls

If you want something unique, this is the gem you’ve been looking for. The way this fun plant appears, you would think it belongs on a grapevine. A string of pearl plant prefers bright light and sandy soil. Water it once twice per month.

Calathea Ornata

A calathea ornata can add a burst of color to your home. Keep the soil moist, and place the plant in a humid environment if possible. Don’t let the soil get too dry before watering it. It prefers bright, indirect sunlight.


What’s not to love about this plant? Its heart-shaped leaves can enhance the character of any home. Do not place it in direct sunlight, as the sun could burn the leaves. Water it every one or two weeks, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings.

Snake Plant

Snake plants should be placed in indirect sunlight. Allow the soil to dry before watering this pretty plant. It typically doesn’t need to be watered more than once every two weeks or even once per month.